CT Craften Terminal 4.2.3

Mod installation made easy.

Download Craften Terminal Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Craften Terminal Craften Terminal Craften Terminal Craften Terminal Craften Terminal Craften Terminal

Gigantic collection of mods

The active Minecraft community allows us to expand our range of modifications almost daily.
For each version we have something to offer.
From simple inventory management to powerful new creatures rocking your Minecraft world. You will find something!

Find new playmates

Stay tuned and share your thoughs with other players about interesting new servers and mods. For simple problems you will find a quick answer here. Whether day or night, here you will always find new playmates.


Real-Time Serverlist

You’re looking for a change and do not know where to go? Then take a look at our huge list of servers and throw yourself in the next adventure with just one click. Use the search and filter functions to find one that suits your needs. Servers can be evaluated and permanently saved as favorites.


The best mods in one package with its own description and your last artistic touch. Share it with your friends. So you can enjoy your very own adventures together.



In order to dive as quick as possible into the game we always improve the performance. Achieving this means reducing the time needed to place the first block


Every Craften Terminal iteration delivers another user interface and visual changes. Not everyone likes them as much as we do. So we implemented a skin chooser to fit you needs!


Rank for mod combination

How famous is your chosen mod combination? Did your friend choose a better one? After a version change you will see some statistic overview.